Best Mouse Traps For Kitchen In 2023

Kitchens are one of the most targeted places for mice as there is enough space to hide. Moreover, mice get easy access to food which makes them build nests in the kitchen. It is the homeowners who have to suffer for this. However, we have a solution for them. That is, get the best mouse traps for the kitchen.

This article has multiple options for well-grounded mouse traps. For example, the Victor M241 Indoor Electronic Mouse Trap is reusable, kills in seconds, and has an improved design. In the same way, other products here are productive in their own way.

Let us browse them now.

7 Best Mouse Traps For Kitchen Reviews And Buying Guide In 2023

The most important thing that every consumer should look for in a product is its features, benefits, and flaws. These will make them certain about their purchase. Luckily, the mentioned products not only come with their names but also the traits we need to know.

Well, don’t take it as a guide for buying. We have a lot more to suggest you make your acquisition first class.

1. Catchmaster Rat & Mouse Glue Trap

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A perfect glue trap for the year-round would be the Catchmaster Rat and Mouse Glue Trap. It is 25.4 cm in length and 12.7 cm in width. You can expect to have a home and family safe use from this trap. Thanks to its professional strength formula, excellent coverage, and protection.

Technical Specifications;

  • Brand: Catchmaster
  • Product Dimensions: 10 L x 5 W x 0.05 H inches
  • Item Weight: 1.36 pounds
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Red
  • Style: 6 Glue Trays

Key Features;

Ready To Use:

Unlike ordinary mouse traps, Catchmaster’s mouse trap comes pre-baited. It means you won’t have to put any additional bait for the set-up. Don’t you think this feature is great as it eliminates one of our tasks?


As said already, the design of this mouse trap is ready to use for consumers. The adhesive formula design here does not harden so much that the snakes and rodents won’t find any effectiveness.


Don’t think this mouse trap is designed to kill nice only. It is effective to kill lots of unwanted species in the house. Like- rats, spiders, roaches, crickets, crawling pests, and so on.

Locks Perfectly:

In Catchmaster’s mouse trap, you will get to see some holes and bumpers. They are made to stack and lock together when a mouse or any pest gets in.

Product Benefits;

Attracts Insects And Mice:

There is a special scented formula in this trap that helps in attracting mice and small species into it. This scented formula eliminates the need to place baits. Because the scent is attractive enough to call rodents into the trap.


The Catchmaster Mouse trap comes with a strong professional adhesive which makes it last for a long time.

Safe To Use:

Since this mouse trap has all the abilities to catch unwanted species, it is going to keep your home safe. Also, this glue trap is secure and intuitive which builds trust for consumers. Well, for safer use, fold this trap in a tunnel if placed in a dusty area. This will prevent the glue of the trap.

Gives Total Coverage:

Whether it is a commercial, residential, or industrial area, this mouse trap leaves no stone unturned in providing protection and coverage. Just place it on the susceptible areas where mice usually come. Then you will see the magic of this trap.

What Do We Like About

We like the safety it ensures for consumers.

What We Don’t Like About It

Mice can get off it sometimes.

2. Kat Pest Control Rat/ mouse Traps

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The Kat Pest Control Mouse Trap has everything that you will need. Like, touch-free release, bait cap, simple instructions, precise trigger, and many more. Besides, it includes a safe design with stain-resistant properties. In clear words, this product would be a perfect mouse eradication for every household.

Technical Specifications;

  • Brand: Kat Sense
  • Product Dimensions: 13 L x 15 W x 7 H inches
  • Item Weight: 1.61 pounds
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Black
  • Style: Pack of 6

Key Features;

Strong Mechanism:

The mechanism of this snap trap is highly responsive. It has a sensitive pedal and jaws-style teeth which are ample to grab any mice. Also, its design is humane and kills rodents fast at the same time.


A reusable mouse trap saves us money as it can be used multiple times. Luckily, the Kat Sense Mouse trap comes with washable materials which make it easy to clean and use again and again. And don’t worry about the offensive odours after catching a mouse. A simple cleaning will eliminate that too. So you can count this product as a hygienic option to catch mice.

Powerful Spring:

The spring in this mouse trap is made of stainless steel. And we all know how reliable stainless steel is. Since the material here is the cherry on top, you can rest assured that the spring is going to be powerful enough to catch mice.

Product Benefits;


Doesn’t matter wherever you place this mouse trap. It will leave no stone unturned to work its best. You can use this trap for both indoor and outdoor usage. Especially in gardens, kitchens, garages, bathrooms, etc.

Sturdy Construction:

The sturdy plastic in the Kat Sense Mouse Trap will support the quality for a long time. On the other hand, the integrated bait cap gives options to choose the rat attractant so that mice can lure in easily.

Easy To Install:

It will take some minutes to install this mouse trap. Just rotate the bait cap, add a bait, and set it in the area where you want. And after it catches a mouse, a simple push at the end will avail a touch-free release.

What Do We Like About

The construction of this mouse trap utilises multiple features to keep mice at bay from houses.

What We Don’t Like About It

Critters may survive this trap if caught.

3. D-Con No View, No Touch Covered Mouse Trap

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One of the most popular mouse traps we all know about is the D-Con No View, No Touch Mouse trap. Here you will get the best mouse traps for homes with pets as the design is safe for children and dogs. We will dig into it later.

Technical Specifications;

  • Brand: d-Con
  • Product Dimensions: 6 L x 8 W x 9 H inches
  • Item Weight: 0.634 ounces
  • Colour: Black
  • Style: Modern
  • Number of pieces: 6

Key Features;

Safe Mechanism:

D-Con’s mouse trap remains covered. It looks like a round-shaped box where there is an entry point for mice. When a mouse enters there, its seal shuts the trap and kills the mouse.

So it is clear that the design is very safe for us. We used to get hurt on wooden traps by stepping there accidentally. Whereas, in D-Con No View No Touch Mouse Trap you won’t face these problems.

Kills Instantly:

This mouse trap takes no time to kill a rodent. Once a mouse enters the hole of this trap, this trap will shut off. Then you will hear a sound immediately. That says the mouse has been killed. And trust me you will hear that sound within two seconds.

Product Benefits;

Adapts Well:

Whenever we buy a mouse trap, we need to think of the size of the mice that are in our house. But it is actually hard to predict the size because you never know if there is a large mouse in your house or a very small mouse. However, the D-Con No View No Touch Mouse Trap has enough area to kill the largest mouse along with the smallest mouse.

No Rodent Contact:

As we have said already, the design of this trap is like a circle-shaped box. After the mouse gets killed in the trap, you won’t see that. It means it will give zero rodent contact to you. And let’s agree that we all don’t want a mess after a mouse dies.

Effortless Usage:

To set up this D-Con Mouse Trap, you will need to follow some simple steps. That is, peel off the adhesive label, insert the bait, and reseal it. Lastly, twist the trap and it is ready to set. Make sure you have placed it in the areas where you see the signs of rodents.

What Do We Like About

It is a lot safer than ordinary mouse traps and super easy to use.

What We Don’t Like About It

All consumers may not understand the instructions.

4. OWLTRA Indoor Electric Mouse Trap

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For those who are looking for the best electronic mouse trap, OWLTRA Indoor Electric Mouse Trap would be a perfect choice for them. It is because this trap has all the necessary features that anyone would want to kill rodents.

Technical Specifications;

  • Brand: OWLTRA
  • Product Dimensions: 8 L x 3 W x 3 H inches
  • Item Weight: 12 ounces
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Black
  • Style: Electric Mouse Trap 1 Pack

Key Features;

Suitable Design:

The OWLTRA Mouse Trap works with 4AA batteries, dual infrared sensors, and a no-escape design. The batteries are enough to kill 60 rats. Whereas, the infrared sensors alert pets and kids, and the design holds rodents to give 6000 to 9000 voltage shocks.

Quick Zap System:

The zap system in this mouse trap makes sure rodents die instantly without suffering. So you won’t have to worry about a struggling mouse in your house.

Product Benefits;

Safe To Use:

As said before, the OWLTRA Indoor Electric Mouse Trap comes with dual infrared sensors. The two sensors are located at the entrance and the back. These sensors activate only when a rodent steps in. It won’t activate if you or any of your pets step in. So it is a safe option for us.

Gives No Mess:

It is good news that OWLTRA’s Mouse Trap allows users not to touch the rodent for disposal. The credit goes to its magnetic latches. You just need to take off the trap’s lid and throw the dead rodent in the garbage after sealing it in a bag. Also, this trap is deactivated automatically after you remove the top. Thus, you can have a secure cleaning.

Easy To Put Bait:

Another benefit you will get from this trap is the convenient bait area. Take a small amount of bait to place at the back of the trap. You can also fix the position of the bait by opening the bait door with a toothpick.

What Do We Like About

The best thing about this mouse trap is it eliminates the risk of hurting humans and pets in the house.

What We Don’t Like About It

It would be annoying to see rodents die as this trap makes that apparent.

5. Victor M241 Indoor Electronic Humane Rat and Mouse Trap

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Here comes another option for the best electric mouse trap for you guys. It is none other than the Victor M241 Humane Rat and Mouse Trap. You will get all the modern features from this product. Such as No-Touch disposal, built-in bait caps, LED alerts, human killing, and so on.

Like the OWLTRA Indoor Electric Mouse Trap, this mouse trap also uses 4AA batteries to operate.

Technical Specifications;

  • Brand: Victor
  • Product Dimensions: 9.2 L x 3.8 W x 4.3 H inches
  • Item Weight: ‎1.1 pounds
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Black
  • Style: Trap

Key Features;

LED Alerts:

There is a green LED light in this Humane Rat and Mouse trap which notifies us if a mouse has been caught. As a result, you won’t have to check multiple times if a rodent has been killed or not in the trap. You will know that by seeing the green signal.

Kills Humanely:

It is horrible to see a mouse struggling between life and death after being trapped. Don’t worry you won’t have to see that scene. Because the Victor Mouse Trap uses high-voltage shocks to kill mice instantly.

Product Benefits;

Baits Properly:

The built-in bait cup is easy to access by the door located at the trap’s back. It has been secured in such a way that the bait you will put will be properly placed.

Requires No Touching:

Like the high-quality mouse traps, the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap offers no-touch disposal. You just need to remove the lid of this trap and throw the mouse.

Easy To Use:

You just need to do two this ga for set to g this mouse trap. Firstly, apply a pea-sized amount of bait in the bait cup and insert 4AA batteries. Then you can simply place the trap where you want after turning the trap on.

What Do We Like About

Reduces the need to buy a mouse trap again and again as it is reusable.

What We Don’t Like About It

Not the best option for outdoor use.

6. SEEPIS Indoor Mouse Traps for House Mice Traps

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SEEPIS Indoor Mouse Traps have always been an affordable, yet effective choice for consumers. It has a sensitive posterior hook, strong spring, bait cup, and a sensitive trigger pedal. Don’t you think these are ample to serve great? Well, there are a lot more features in this trap along with amazing benefits. Let us know about them below.

Technical Specifications;

  • Brand: SEE PICS
  • Product Dimensions: 3.82 L x 1.81 W x 2.16 H inches
  • Item Weight: 0.529 ounces
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Black
  • Style: Garden

Key Features;

Sensitive Trigger:

There is a sensitive trigger in the SEEPIS Indoor Mouse Trap that comes with a powerful spring. This feature has been made to kill rodents with a click. Once a least 15 grams of mouse steps in, the trigger will activate.


The best thing to put on a mouse trap is sturdy materials. SEEPIS’s Mouse Trap has them. It is built with strong plastic and stainless steel. And we know these two materials can’t be broken easily and last for a long time.

Powerful Design:

From the above description we have already known what makes this mouse trap special. These all features make its design powerful. They make the bite force sustained and strong which can kill rats humanely.

Product Benefits;

Reduces Risks Of Injuries:

Undoubtedly, we all get injured sometimes while setting a snap trap. But in the case of the SEEPIS Mouse Trap, you will need to put the bait and press the spring. So there is hardly any chance for you to get injured.


After the SEEPIS Indoor Mouse Trap catches a mouse it won’t absorb the fluid of the dead mouse and lead to any bad odour. Just wash it with a good solution and you can use this trap many times.


Even though the name is SEEPIS Indoor Mouse Trap, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Especially in gardens, kitchens, warehouses, corridors, etc.

What Do We Like About

You will have a safer use with easy maintenance from this trap.

What We Don’t Like About It

It may take some time to kill a rodent.

7. GEROSSI Humane Catch and Release Mouse Traps

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Among some reliable live mouse traps, the GEROSSI Catch and Release Mouse Trap is one. It is exactly like it sounds. It doesn’t kill rodents but catches them. Alongside, durability, reusability, and reliability are the signs of this trap.

Technical Specifications;

  • Brand: GEROSSI
  • Product Dimensions: 8.5 L x 2.8 W x 2.6 H inches
  • Item Weight: 1.68 pounds
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: See-Through Green
  • Style: Humane

Key Features;

Upgraded Design:

GEROSSI’s mouse trap has an upgraded design of a special door and longer tunnel. These two things have been featured in this trap for catching both small and big mice. On the other hand, the Fulcrum mechanism here is much more responsible for catching mice within seconds.


Most of us don’t want to kill mice, but catch them and leave them far away from the house. For them, the GEROSSI Humane Catch and Release Mouse Trap is the best. So we can say it is cruelty-free and more humane than any other trap.


The speciality of this mouse trap is it eliminates a lot of hassles. Like, glue, poisons, chemicals, electricity, etc. It just includes catching mice. Then you can release it where the mouse should be. And that is not your home obviously.

Product Benefits;

Ensures Survival Of The Mouse:

Although a mouse gets caught in this trap, its tail won’t get cut because of the long tunnel. Besides, there are many air holes in this trap which ensures that the mouse can breathe.

Easy To Maintain:

We now know that the GEROSSI Mouse Trap does not kill mice. It is made for catching and releasing mice. So there won’t be the fluids and blood of mice. You can clean this trap with soap and water and use it again to catch mice.

Easy Set-Up:

Don’t think that this mouse trap is different, so its set-up is going to be complicated. It will take only two minutes to do so. Place the bait on the food compartment of this trap and open the spring door. As simple as that.

What Do We Like About

The setup is easy, the operation is easy, and the result is excellent.

What We Don’t Like About It

You may find it hard to clean inside the trap.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Mouse Traps For Kitchen

Not only the features of a mouse trap should be a concern, but also our personal preferences. Perhaps, some of the homeowners have to deal with small mice and some homeowners have to deal with large mice. On the other hand, everyone’s kitchen is not the same type. So know from here what things you should consider before buying a mouse trap.

Look For Solid Construction:

It is true that maximum snap traps are made of plastic. But you need to rest assured that the construction and material are supportive enough to make the trap long-lasting. Most importantly, you will need the withstanding ability for your mouse trap. Like, it should resist rust, corrosion, and weather conditions.

Consider The Size And Shape:

Since we are going to place our mouse traps in the kitchen, we must consider their size according to the place. Alongside, you have to keep the shape into account.

A mouse trap for an open area and a mouse trap for corners should be different. As you enter your kitchen regularly, you must have seen the size of mice that disrupt you. So go for a mouse trap that has a shape and size to catch a target-sized mouse.

Allows An Easy Set-Up:

Unless the mouse trap offers ease of use, there is no point in having it. Nowadays, effective mouse traps come with simple instructions so that consumers can get satisfaction.

Mechanisms Should Be Strong:

A good quality mouse trap will always have a fine trigger mechanism. Not only that, but the mechanism of the trap should also ensure minimum risks of false trapping.

The Design Must Be Cooperative:

When a mouse trap catches a mouse it must give a signal to the house’s people. Or else, the whole house will be full of bad odour because of the dead mouse. So for designs that offer noise levels and visibility while trapping mice. And if you want, you can also go for disposable designs in mouse traps. These require minimum cleanups to reuse.

A Reasonable Price Can Be Good:

It is a flawed concept that only expensive mouse traps are of good quality. There are still mouse traps that work efficiently and come with reasonable prices. All you need is to look for the features that the mouse trap should hold. And trust me, a cost-effective mouse trap can have them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I catch a mouse in my kitchen?

So far, the best alternative to catch a mouse trap was a mouse trap. They come with a lever that triggers when a mouse gets inside the trap for bait. Then the mouse gets killed because of the suffocation caused by the lever.

Where is the best place to put a mouse trap?

Before you place a mouse trap, look for signs where they can be. Such as nesting materials, droppings, gnaw marks, etc. However, the most common places where a mouse can be are behind the refrigerator, cabinets, stoves, etc.

What attracts mice to traps?

To attract mice in traps, you must put something that they would love to eat. These can be sweets, peanut butter, cheese, chocolates, etc.

Wrapping Up

No doubt, we got to see the best mouse traps for the kitchen. Each of them was modern, flexible, and productive. You may get confused about which one to choose as all the products are great. Don’t worry, we can suggest some to you.

The SEEPIS Indoor Mouse Traps and the Catchmaster Rat & Mouse Glue Trap have got nice popularity. It is all because of their superb features which were able to meet customer satisfaction.

Hopefully, you have now decided which product to choose. Let us know about your choice through comments.

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