How Much Does a Pet Mouse Cost?

How much does a pet mouse cost? The average cost for a pet mouse would be around $5 to $10. Sometimes the price can be below $5 or more than $10. It depends on many factors.

For example, from where you are purchasing the mouse or the size of the mouse. Other reasons can be the equipment that you are getting or not getting with the mouse you are buying. Besides, there are ongoing costs and supplies costs that are associated with the price of a pet mouse.

This article will tell you more about the price of mice and their related costs.

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How Much Does a Pet Mouse Cost?

There is no certain amount for the price of a pet Mouse. But we can give you an idea about the approximate amount. It could range from $5 to $10. Now let us discuss the price of the mouse and its related cost. Have a look at the below traits.

Purchasing Mouse From A Breeder:

Most often we get to buy a pet mouse from a breeder. They sell mice at a low price. This is because breeding mice is not a difficult task. Just keep two mice of the opposite sex together and they will produce several mice. However, you can get a pet mouse from a breeder for $5 to $10.

Mouse from adoption:

Many people offer the adoption of their mice. It can be because they are no longer willing to keep their Mouse. They can either offer the mouse free or at a certain price. If you want it free, you can have a consultation with the owner of the mouse.

Again, there are many pages and groups where people post about giving their mice up for adoption for free. So you can browse them.

Now the question is, what would the price of a mouse be if it is available for adoption and at a price? Well, that would range from $1 to $10. The price may include or exclude the materials needed for the pet mouse.

Price Of Supplies Needed For A Mouse:

When you intend to buy a mouse, you can’t only calculate the price of it, but also the supplies required for it. For example, you will need a cage, exercise wheels, bedding, toys, a food bowl, a water bottle, etc.

We know mice are active animals. So they play a lot. In that case, you can’t compromise without having a toy in your house.

Now let’s know what are going to be the prices of these supplies. For instance, the cage is going to cost you $40, the exercise wheel will be $20, and the food bowl can be about $10. Again, buying toys can cost you $20, the water bottle could be $15, and the cost of bedding can range from $10 to $15.

Cost To Maintain a Pet Mouse:

After you buy a mouse, your cost doesn’t end in buying it. You have to maintain your pet and that would cost you a certain amount. Don’t worry, the maintenance of a pet mouse won’t cost you that much unless it requires urgent treatments.

Usually, mice need different bedding each month. In that case, the monthly cost for a pet mouse would be on bedding and food. As said before, the bedding for a pet mouse can cost you from $10 to $15.

On the other hand, the food can cost you $10 only per month. So you can expect to have an expense of $20 to $25 each month for a pet Mouse.

Cost To Visit A Vet:

It won’t be surprising that a pet mouse has fallen sick. So you might have to take it to a vet. Other than that, frequent check-up is necessary after a few months repeatedly. However, visiting a vet can cost you around $200.

Reasons For Mice To Be High In Price:

Have you ever noticed that a mouse is costing more than it should have? Well, it can be because the mouse that you are buying is available with a cage.

Some breeders or animal shelters provide food and toys as well with the mice they are giving. In that case, they may include the charge for the supplies. On the other hand, some baby mice that have a longer lifespan than adult mice may cost more.

We know that mice are active animals and they love to stay in groups. If you are not willing to buy a bunch of mice it can be better if you buy 2 mice. That can even help you to breed. In that case, you may have to spend from $10 to $20. This is the price of 2 mice.

In such a way, you can have an idea about the cost of the pet mouse that you will be buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do mice live as pets?

The average lifespan of a mouse is 3 years. But in studies, it has been seen that some mice could live for 2 years and some mice could live for 7 years.

How much space does a mouse need?

When you are buying a cage for your pet mouse you must consider its space. In general, a mouse requires a minimum size of 18 inches in length, 12 inches in width, and 12 inches in height.

Is a mouse a good pet?

Indeed a mouse is a cute and active animal. Research has found that mice are great pets. Especially children love to have this type of pet.

Final Thoughts

So now we have got the answer to how much a pet mouse costs. Well, the answer is $5 to $10, if it is a single mouse with no supplies or food. Sometimes, the price can vary depending on where you are purchasing the pet mouse.

All we would say is to buy the additional things immediately when you are buying your pet mouse. Like, the food, cage, toys, bedding, etc. And don’t forget to take your mouse for frequent checkups.

So this was all. Hope you have a great time with your pet mouse.

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