How Long Does A mouse Take To Decompose?

How long does a mouse take to decompose? The most common duration is two weeks. It can also take less than two weeks if the reason for its decomposition is ample.

Contrastingly, a dead mouse has also been seen to decompose after three to four weeks. That is because the substitutes for decomposing the dead mouse were not enough. So, you must have understood that a mouse decomposes based on many things.

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How Long Does A mouse Take To Decompose? (Explained Details Below)

how long does a mouse take to decompose

There is no exact time for a mouse to decompose. Because their decomposition is not only in the hands of nature but also some potential factors.

Other than that, the time for a dead mouse to decompose, smell, turn into a skeleton, etc is something to be considered. The below traits will tell everything about it.

So let us not beat around the bush anymore and get to the points.

What Factors Depend on A Mouse To Decompose?

The universal fact is, all mice do not decompose at the same time. Some factors depend on a dead mouse to decompose earlier or later. Those factors are- the size of the mouse, temperature, humidity, and season of that area.

Another factor that can’t be missed is the accessibility of flies and insects. These little species mainly help in decomposing a dead body as they eat it.

Anyways, a bigger mouse decomposes later, and a smaller mouse decomposes earlier. Again, in high temperatures, the dead mouse decomposes earlier,  in low temperatures it decomposes slowly. This is how every dead mouse differs in time when it comes to decomposition.

How Long Does It Take for A Mouse To Decompose Into A Skeleton?

How long does it take for a mouse to decompose into a skeleton

As said before, all mice do not decompose at the same time. For example- a mouse that is fat and has more flesh inside, will take time to decompose. Whereas, a mouse with less flesh will decompose earlier.

On the other hand, if the weather is hot, the dead mouse won’t take more than two weeks to decompose. But in the winter season, it will take three weeks to decompose or even more.

In the same way, a dead mouse will turn into a skeleton based on factors, like- size, temperature, season, etc. However, the average time for a mouse to decompose into a skeleton is three weeks.

How Can I Tell How Long A Mouse Has Been Dead?

You must have noticed that a mouse’s body gets hard after it dies. The more the day passes, the more the dead body becomes hard. Before getting stiff, the dead body of the mouse starts to get dry within 10 to 14 days.

Conversely, a big mouse will get harder after a month. And if you ever see that a dead mouse has decomposed, turned into a skeleton, and become dirt enough, it means the mouse died 3 to 4 months before. It depends on how old the skeleton has become.

When Does A Dead Mouse Get Stiff?

As we know that it is inevitable for a dead mouse to get stiff, the question may arise when it stiffs. Well, a dead mouse’s body becomes dry after it dies. Then its whole body gets stiff, which is known as rigor mortis. And it occurs within six to eight hours of the mouse’s death.

So this also helps you to know how long the mouse has been dead. If it has stiffened up just now, it has been dead foredead for eight hours.

How Long Does It Take A Buried Mouse To Decompose?

A dead mouse that is buried will decompose earlier than a dead mouse left idle. When a mouse is buried under the soil, the bacteria and microbes reach easily towards the mouse’s body and decompose it earlier.

It can take about 7 to 10 days for the buried to decompose. All that depends here is access to insects and pests. If they are high, the buried mouse will decompose before 7 days. And when they are less, it can take more than 10 days.

Do Mice Smell While Decomposing?

No doubt, a dead mouse will smell bad while decomposing. But the question is how to identify that smell.

Well, when a mouse decomposes, it smells like a combination of noxious gases, methane, and sulphur dioxides. In clear words, the smell will make you certain that there is a dead object around.

When Does A Dead Mouse Smell?

As said before, a dead mouse smells bad after a time like any dead being. However, the dead mouse keeps smelling worse when the time increases.

It will take some hours for the dead mouse to prevail. That smell tends to get powerful after one to two days. This time is basically for the summer season.

In winter, the dead mouse smells strongly after a week. The reason is, that in cold temperatures, a dead body decomposes slowly.

When Does A Dead Mouse Stop Smelling?

We all know that there is a certain time when a dead body completes decomposition and stops smelling. Similarly, a dead mouse will have no smell after it decomposes completely. And that will take about 6 to 10 weeks. In winter, the time can increase as well.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the above concept could give you an oriented view of- How long a mouse takes to decompose. The answer is two to three weeks if the temperature is normal and the size of the mouse is average.

However, the reach of flies and insects and other alternatives can either increase or decrease the duration of decomposition of a dead mouse. After a time being, it starts to dry, get stiff, and smell bad.

So this is all. Let us know through the comment section below if you have any queries.

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