How To Get A Dead Mouse Out Of Your Ductwork?

How to get a dead mouse out of your ductwork? In order to get a dead mouse out of your ductwork, you have to open the carcass of your ductwork first. Then wear gloves and reach towards the dead mouse. Take it into a plastic bag and seal it. And lastly, anyone would throw a plastic bag into the garbage. This is what you need to do as well.

These are not only the tasks you have to do. There is more to be known. For example, detecting a dead mouse, knowing its smell, using protection, and so on. This article will give you a step-by-step guideline to take the dead mouse out of your ductwork.

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How To Get A Dead Mouse Out Of Your Ductwork?

Most often, we panic thinking that there is an animal in the vent who to call. Well, don’t worry. You can take it out by yourself. All you need to do is follow some steps that we will mention below.

Knowing The Smell Of Dead Mouse:

First thing first, we have to know what a dead mouse smells like. This will help us to identify the smell of the mouse and have an easy reach towards it. This will help you find the signs of mice in air ducts.

Anyways, when a Mouse decomposes it smells like a mixture of Methane and Sulphur dioxide. The smell will make you feel like something is rotten. It can even make you feel like vomiting. Also, you will need to keep in mind that a bigger mouse is a more pungent smell it will have after death. Whereas, a small dead mouse has a less pungent smell.

Track The Dead Mouse:

So now we have gained enough information about a dead mouse. Now it is time to track it. You must try to smell around your ductwork. If you feel any sort of mentioned smell, then the mouse is probably inside the ductwork But if you are not interested in smelling the mouse you can own a detector that can find the smell of the dead mouse.

Use Some Supplies:

Since the dead animal in the vent stack spreads different types of viruses and bacteria, it is essential to gather supplies for our protection. For instance, using gloves and a mask is very necessary for taking out the dead mouse from your ductductworkher than, you will need a plastic bag where you will keep the dead mouse.

You have to wear gloves before processing your task because touching a dead mouse with their hands is strictly prohibited. And if you can arrange a detector then you can wear the mask prior. But if you want to detect the dead mouse through smelling you have to wear the mask after you have known where the dead mouse is. Because smelling a dead mouse is an indirect infection towards humans.

Reach The Carcass:

In the next step, you have to reach the carcass. Perhaps, you may find it difficult to reach. In that case, a piece of equipment with a hook can help you with it. But if you still fail to reach the carcass, your last resort would be calling a technician for help.

Remove The Carcass:

After you get access towards the carcass, it’s time to remove it. If the carcass is near to you, you can simply use your gloved hands to take it out. Or else a wire hanger can help you to remove the carcass.

Take The Mouse Out:

Hopefully, you have now found the dead mouse inside your ductwork. Just take it out with your gloved hands and put it inside the plastic bag.

Sometimes, dead mice become so decomposed that they turn into pieces. If that is the case, only a technician can handle it. But if the dead mouse is available in a single piece, then you can do the task.

Throw The Dead Mouse:

Maybe you would have done this step even if we didn’t say it here. That is throwing out the plastic bag where you have kept the dead mouse. But before you throw it, make sure you have sealed the bag properly. Moreover, there shouldn’t be any way of leaks in the plastic bag. That can make the environment polluted and smell dirty.

Disinfect The Area:

Now it is time to disinfect the area where the dead mouse was. Simply spray some disinfectant on that area. This will keep the ductwork sanitized and the smell at bay. Also, viruses and bacteria won’t bother you because of the fluid left by the dead mouse.

This is not where your task ends. You have to make sure that no Mouse can get inside your ductwork further.

Seal The Small Places:

Usually, mice enter inside the ductwork when they get any sort of holes or broken vents. So you have to find out if there is any way for a mouse to get inside or not. If there are any holes, seal that hole and if the bent is broken, make sure you fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get rid of the dead mouse smell when you can’t find it?

When you find a dead mouse in your room you have to first neutralise the smell. For that, you have to first turn the fan on and open the windows. This will allow fresh air to circulate.

How to find a dead mouse in ductwork?

In order to find a dead mouse in ductwork, you have to follow your nose. Undoubtedly, the dead mice spread some sort of rotten smell. The more you can smell the dead mouse, it means the more you are to it. Hence, you can easily find the mouse in your ductwork.

Can you get sick from a dead mouse in a vent?

The air that circulates a dead mouse, spreads bacteria and viruses throughout the entire house. Therefore, having an infection due to the dead mouse’s smell won’t be surprising. This can end up making anyone sick.

Final Thoughts

So this was all about how to get a dead mouse out of your ductwork. Yet, we can have a short discussion on it.

Make sure you are wearing gloves and a mask to take out the dead mouse from your ductwork. And when you get the mouse out, don’t forget to seal the plastic bag properly.

Also, disinfect the place and step up for further precautions. Like sealing the holes and repairing the vents. Lastly, we would say, that if you find it uncomfortable to take the dead mouse out of your ductwork, just call an HVAC technician.

Thank you.

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