How To Set A DCON Mouse Trap?

How to set a DCON mouse trap? First thing first, it depends on which DCON mouse trap you are using. If you are using the No View No Touch Mouse trap, you will need to twist the indicator. Whereas, the Ulta Set Covered trap works by snapping the lever and closing the door.

On the other hand, the DCON Quick Kill Mouse trap requires only pulling the lever up. Perhaps it can seem confusing to you now. Don’t worry, the below concept will clear you out.

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How To Set A DCON Mouse Trap?

ways to set a dcon mouse trap

A DCON mouse trap is quite different from random mouse traps. You can say it is a new, innovative, and easy technique to catch mice. Anyways, DCON mouse traps come in different forms. Each of them gave different ways to install it. But we have known about the DCON traps prior.

All About The D-CON Mouse Trap

D-CON mouse trap has now been a new addition to the market. It has different versions of traps. Like- the No View No Touch Mouse Trap, Ultra Set Cover Trap, Wooden Trap, and Glue Trap. Its main work is to seal the shut when a mouse enters and kill it instantly.

This mouse trap is for catching mice in the kitchen, living rooms, etc.

Setting A DCON Now View No Touch Mouse Trap

In a DCOn Mouse trap package, you will get two traps. They are made of plastic the size of smoke alarms. Now the question is how to place this D-CON mouse trap. The below steps will guide you in that.

Step 1: Reveal The Bait Location

When you place the D-CON mouse trap, your first job will be revealing the bait location. You can do it by pulling the adhesive back.

At the bottom of the trap, you will get a sticker. Just pull that off and you will see the place to put the bait.

Step 2: Smear Some Peanut Butter

So now you have got the bait spot, keep in mind that that is the place to put the peanut butter. Or you can use anything that a mouse likes. Just make sure it smears.

Step 3: Adjust The Trap

In the next step, you have to flip the trap towards the right side and upwards. But before that, you have to look for the entryway by turning the trap to the side.

On top of the D-CON mouse trap, you will get to see an indicator. It says three things, e.g. mouse caught, set, and not set. When a mouse is caught, the indicator will show red. Then when the trap is set it will show green and if not set will show orange.

Step 4: Twist The Trap

Then you will see something in a circular shape that goes like an arrow. Just twist that part in a clockwise motion. While spinning the trap, you feel that something is tightening, like a winding clock.

Step 5: Lock The Mechanism

Twisting the mechanism will make it hard and show you a red thing. Don’t stop twisting there. Give a pause when you see something like a hole. That is the section where the mouse will enter and you have to keep that as an entrance.

It means the machine has been locked now.

When a mouse smells the bait it will probably go inside that hole. At that time, the body of the D-CON trap will hit a trigger that releases the spring. Since it will spin around and have force, the mouse will get killed.

This was all about setting the No View No Touch Trap.

Setting A DCON Ultra Set Covered Mouse Trap

DCON’s Ultra Set Covered Mouse Trap is guaranteed to kill, reusable, and easy to use. It is a little black trap that works the same as a snap trap.

You have to open the safety flap of this trap and will get to see a red bar. It comes down when a mouse enters and kills it. Also, you will get to see a little trigger there.

Step 1: Snap The Lever

Firstly, you have to put the beta on the trigger. Then you will get to see a black lever on the trap. It pulls back when you place it almost in the ground until it snaps.

Step 2: Close The Safety Door

Now, you have to close the safety door hatch. It will reduce the chance for your finger to snap or any pet to get inside. However, when a mouse enters it, the bait of the trigger traps the mouse.

This was all about how you can set your DCON Ultra Set Covered Mouse Trap.

Setting A DCON Quick Kill Glue Trap

In a DCON Glue trap package, you will get one cover glue trap. Its box says that the trap can kill mice instantly.

Step 1: Pull The Lever Up

After opening the box, you will see there is a lever on the trap that says unset as it is down. When you pull the trap up, it will get set.

Step 2: Click It To place

The trap will click into place when the trigger flips around. Now, it will form a little tunnel for the mouse to go through. And inside, there is a glue tray connected to the trigger.

It would be better if you didn’t put anything inside the tunnel to test it. Because that can remove some stickiness.

This was all about setting the DCON Quick Kill Glue Trap

Setting A DCON Wooden Snap Trap

DCON’s Wooden Snap Trap is non-poisonous and guaranteed to solve mouse problems fast.

Step 1: Smear The Bait

As you have opened the box of DCON Wooden Snap traps, you will get to see the bait. Your job is to put some peanut butter or anything that a mouse likes on that bait. Then smear it properly.

Step 2: Pull The Metal Now

There is metal now in this snap trap. Just pull it back and keep holding it with your thumb. At the same time, you have to set the lock bar located below the curved section of the trigger.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does A DCON Mouse Trap Work?

All the models of DCON mouse traps have an entryway where the mouse will enter after smelling the bait. Once the mouse eats the bait, the trigger of the snap trap will be released. Then the entry point will shut down and the mouse will die.

Can I Use D-Con Without The Bait Station?

Bait stations in DCON mouse traps are used to protect pets and children from the bait pellets. Thus, they won’t get injured. So it is advisable to use a bait station.

What Attracts Mice To DCON Mouse Traps?

The DCON bait block has a blend of sugar, flour, and fat. These types of ingredients are super tempting to mice. So they get attracted to the baits of DCON mouse traps the most.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have now learned how to set a DCON mouse trap. Yet, a brief discussion over it can be good for us.

The most popular mouse trap from DCON is the No View No Touch Mouse Trap. Other versions, like- the Wooden Snap Trap, the Ultra Covered Mouse Trap, and the Quick Glue Mouse Trap are also amazing. The No View No Touch mouse traps require a twist to set. Whereas, the other models require a pull of the lever to get set.

Let us know if you have set your DCON mouse trap in your home or not.

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