Difference Between Gerbil And Mouse

Two species that we confuse thinking similar are gerbils and mice. They both are rodents. That’s why they look the same to some extent. But it is important for us to specify them through their differences.

The most visible difference between gerbil and mouse is their tail. You will see a gerbil’s tail has many hairs, but a mouse’s hair does not. But actually, a mouse’s tail also has hairs but they are not very apparent. Another thing you can spot is gerbils are a bit larger than mice.

Well, there are many differences yet to discuss. This article will tell you about it.

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Difference Between Gerbil Vs Mouse (Basic Difference Explained)

We all are familiar with mice. But some of us don’t know what the gerbil actually is. Well, it is also a rodent like mice and rats. In fact, gerbils tend to be better animals than mice as they have a longer lifespan and enjoy human company.

This is not where the differences between a gerbil and a mouse end. You will get to know more about the differences between these two species. The below traits will help you know about it.

Now let us not beat around the bush anymore and get to the points straight.

What Type of Animals Are Mice And Gerbils?

Gerbils are considered diurnal animals. It means they are more active during the daytime and inactive during the nighttime.

In this term, mice are the opposite of gerbils. They are nocturnal animals. It means mice remain active during the nighttime and inactive during the daytime.

How Different Are Mice And Gerbils In Physical Appearance?

Well, there are lots of differences between Gerbil vs Mouse’s physical appearance.

The Difference In Colour;

Let us start with the colour of mice and gerbils. Mice have a deep brown colour with some hints of red and orange. Whereas, gerbils have a sandy colour, which is also known as golden agouti. There are a few gerbils that can look piebald, stale grey, or dark brown.

The Difference In Ears;

If you see, the ears of mice are framed, big, and rounded. You can say the size of a mouse is half of its head size. On the other hand, a gerbil’s ear is not so big, but bigger than its eyes. Like mice, gerbils also have rounded eyes.

The Difference In The Nose;

Another thing that can differentiate a gerbil and a mouse is their nose. A gerbil’s nose is wide and has fur in the surrounding area. Its colour is some sort of light. A mouse’s colour is also the same as a gerbil’s nose colour. But its nose is a bit smaller than a gerbil’s nose.

The Difference In Size;

The size of the tail of a mouse and a gerbil is almost the same. But yes, a gerbil’s tail is a bit thicker than a mouse’s tail. Another thing you can notice is the fur of a gerbil’s tail is visible, but the fur of a mouse’s tail is not so visible.

What Is The Strength of A Gerbil And A Mouse?

The biggest strength of a gerbil is its eyes. They are very active in spotting their predators. On the other hand, mice rely on their ears for survival. Since they live in dark places, they hear their predators and escape from them.

Where Do Gerbils And Mice Live?

Gerbils live in wide-open places like grasslands where there are hardly any trees. Besides, they live in burrows in a group. Their burrows have chambers and tunnels. In clear words, the burrows of gerbils are complex.

Contrastingly, mice live in dark places and forest areas. They also live in burrows like gerbils. But their building system of burrows is simple.

Why Do Gerbils And Mice Build Burrows?

We now know that both gerbils and mice build burrows. But do you know their purpose? Well, gerbils make burrows for sleeping and nesting. Whereas, mice make burrows to escape from their predators.

What Is The Difference Between A Gerbil’s Behaviour And A Mouse’s Behaviour?

The first thing to be noticed in a gerbil’s posture is, it lives in groups. You can refer to it as the social hierarchy. There always remains a dominant pair in a group of gerbils where all of them have to follow that pair.

Mice do not live like gerbils completely. They live in a linear hierarchy. Besides, they do not interact with each other that much.

What Is The Lifespan of A Gerbil And A Mouse?

The lifespan of a mouse is short, i.e. 1 to 3 years. On the other hand, gerbils have a bit of a long period. They can live up to 4 years.

What Are The Breeding Characteristics of A Mouse And A Gerbil?

When it comes to breeding, gerbils and mice have different gestation periods. It is 24 days for gerbils and 21 days for mice. Again, gerbils can produce eight pups per litter and mice can produce twelve pups per litter.

Final Thoughts

So this was all about the difference between a gerbil and a mouse. It would be great if we discuss the whole abstract in short again. So we have known that gerbils are more active than mice. Again, mice are cleaner than gerbils, whereas gerbils are more sociable than mice.

But did you know that gerbils sometimes kill mice to save their territory? Moreover, gerbils are more aggressive than mice and these two species can never live together. Hopefully, the above concept could give you a proper idea about mice and gerbils.

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