My Cat Caught A Mouse But Didn’t Kill It

If you see that your cat caught a mouse, but didn’t kill it, it does not need sustenance for sure. Many people said, “My cat caught a mouse but didn’t kill it”. Well, that can be because of their need for amusement or their hunting skills.

Moreover, cats are smart enough to know that mice are not healthy thy food for them. So they may choose to catch a mouse without killing it.

Anyways, we know cats have a reputation for cruelty. So they will shoot for the mouse when they see it. Perhaps, for enjoyment or hunting practice.

This article will tell you all the possible reasons why your cat caught a mouse but didn’t kill it.

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My Cat Caught A Mouse But Didn’t Kill It

my cat caught a mouse but didn't kill it

The below traits will tell you why your cat caught a mouse. So, let us not beat around the bush anymore and get to the concept straight.

Kittens Practise Hunting:

Usually, cats start hunting small animals after six to seven weeks of their birth. They first see their mothers hunting the mice and learn from them. Their mothers bring live prey for the kittens to practice hunting.

Cats Are Alert Animals:

Cats are always alert to everything. First of all, they hunt because they enjoy hunting. Another reason is, that it is their habit to hunt to catch small animals, whether it is for killing or just catching.

Cats Like To Chase Mice:

Hopefully, your cat is a well-fed cat. It won’t have to search for food here and there, especially a mouse. But it will still chase the mouse. Can you say why? Well, that is because cats love to chase mice and almost all tiny animals.

Some Cats Do Not Choose Killing Mice:

All cats are not the same. Even if a cat is from the road, it may not choose to kill mice. Because each cat has their point of view. Some prefer killing mice, and some may prefer catching the mice without killing them.

Some Cats Don’t Hunt Mice:

Most cats have terminated their hunting skills. If some cats still do it, it can be for the sake of their entertainment. Another reason can be, they care for their owners. That’s why they don’t kill small animals like mice in the house.

Cats Know That Mice Are Infected:

A cat kills a mouse by eating it. But in most cases, you will see the cat play with the mouse or hurt it but don’t eat. it.

The reason can be, that cats know that eating a mouse is not a good practice at all. Mice get into every corner and crevice. So it is easy for them to get infected with germs. If a cat eats a mouse, it will get infected too.

Cats Like To Play:

When a cat wants to kill a mouse, it will first play with the mouse. The reason can be, that the mouse is not so hungry, it is in a mood of enthusiasm, or it wants to use its energy level.

Cats Are Natural Hunters:

Cats are considered natural hunters. They mostly hunt birds and mice. Their reason for hunting can be anything, like- amusing themselves. But the main reason is always the hunting spirit that cats have.

The Cat Doesn’t Kill When It Gets Tired:

Say that, a cat wants to kill a mouse. So it catches the mouse and plays with it for some time. As said already, cats like to amuse themselves.

So when they hunt, they first play with that small animal. Maybe the cat that catches the mouse had some entertainment moments first. But at some point, the cat will get tired and may not think of killing the mouse anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will A Mouse Hide From A Cat?

The smelling sense of a mouse is strong enough to detect who is around it. If a cat is in the same place as the mouse even if the cat doesn’t come in front of the mouse, the mouse will know. And the mouse will start hiding from the cat at that moment.

As long as the cat is in the area of the mouse, the mouse will keep hiding.

What To Do When A Cat Brings A Live Mouse Home?

We all know that cats like to play with mice, and that’s why they bring mice into houses. So, it would be better if you play with your cat so that it doesn’t bring any mice to your home.

However, you can attach a bell with a collar to your cat’s neck. This will alert his prey. Also, you can stop your cat from going outside.

Should I Clean My Cat After He Catches A Mouse?

It is very important to clean your cat after it catches a mouse. And it would be better if you trained your cat to catch them. Because mice can have many infections caused by roundworms. They also have Toxoplasma gondii. These can affect your cat.

Final Thoughts

Cats are known as opportunistic hunters. If they see any animal that is capable for them to hunt, they will hunt them. But the case is always not like this, i.e. killing the small animals.

In the same way, all cats do not catch mice only to eat them. Unless the cat is in extreme need of food, it will catch the mouse and hardly eat it. If there is no reason at all for a cat to chase a mouse, it can be because of the wild feline instinct of the cat.

Lastly, we would say, that if you ever see your cat running after a mouse even for no reason, maybe the cat wants to have some fun.

So this is all. Let us know through the comment section below if you have any queries.

Thank you.

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