Can Cat Get Rabies From Mouse?

Rabies is one of the worst diseases that an animal can contract. Can cats get rabies from mouse? Most definitely, they can. But the chances are low for cats to get rabies from the mouse as they are more likely to contract rabies from other infected animals, such as foxes, bats, or skunks.

If your cat eats a mouse, the chances of contracting rabies increase. Cats commonly do not eat mice because mice are much faster and can squeeze through the tiniest spots, which cats cannot get in.

You do not have to worry about your cat getting rabies from mice as in this article, we will discuss the symptoms of rabies in your cat. Also how to prevent rabies from getting to your cat and things to do if the worst-case scenario comes to life.

 Can Cat Get Rabies From Mouse?

can cat get rabies from mouse

Mice are not the only animals that can help ill your cat because the chances are doubtful. Cats are known to be free animals that roam around most of the day, which means that they come in contact with many different animals.

They can also get sick if they get close to any other infected cats or other animals.

Can Cat Get Rabies From Mouse Bite?

Any mice are dangerous for your cat because you do not know what diseases they might carry. If you think a mouse has bitten your cat, take it to a vet as soon as possible to check up on any disease it could contact.

Your cat has all the chances of getting rabies if it gets bitten by a mouse.

Not just rabies, but tularemia, cat-scratch disease, and plague can be contracted by your cat if a mouse bites it. However, contracting rabies from a mouse is very low, but there have been numerous cases.

Rodents are not the only pests that can make your cats sick; infected fleas or animals can also spread some serious bacterial infections.

If you notice your cat eating less, having low energy, and having swollen lymph nodes, visit the vet soon; it means your cat is dangerously ill.

Can Cat Get Rabies From Wild Mice?

Mice carry numerous diseases that are fatal for cats. Such as salmonella, listeria and toxoplasmosis. These diseases are most common in wild mice.

Nevertheless, contact your vet as soon as possible if your cat has recently eaten or got bit by a mouse.

Can Cat Get Rabies From Mouse Faeces?

Mice and their bodily fluids are very harmful to the well-being of your cat. If your has all the necessary shots taken, then these diseases will not be serious. Still, in some cases, even after the shots, some cats die or go through a severe illness.

The mouse’s feces are another way your cat can get ill severely. There are a lot of diseases and bacteria in the feces of a mouse which is severely harmful to your cat. Even if the mouse has fleas, the cat that comes in contact with those is exposed to various diseases. Some of which can be fatal.

What Are The Significant Signs of Rabies In A Cat?

Rabies is not only fatal for cats but for humans as well. Rabies gets spread through the saliva or open wounds in an animal with rabies. It is essential to steer clear of an animal’s mouth or open wounds of an infected animal.

Cats will take up to two to three weeks to show signs of rabies infection. However, your cat may show symptoms sooner or later than usual.

The significant signs of rabies are fever, lack of appetite, listlessness, behavioral changes, and irritability for cats. If these signs seem familiar, take your cat to the vet immediately.

How To Prevent Your Cat From Getting Rabies?

The most efficient way to prevent your cat from getting rabies is by vaccination. If your cat has all the updated vaccines, it is very easy for them to prevent rabies. Then, your cat will likely not get severely infected even if they contract the disease.

  • There is no direct cure for rabies, so you must depend entirely on vaccinations to prevent the disease from getting to your cat.
  • You have to keep your cats or other pets inside the house under your supervision so that they do not get in contact with any rodents that might be carrying rabies.
  • Make sure that your cat does not eat or drink any contaminated food or water sources, which will increase the chances of contracting rabies.
  • Keep your house clean and if there are any holes in the walls, shut them up so that mice or other pests do not get into the house, which will bring rabies.
  • Other animals might also have rabies, so be careful before letting your cat get too close to other home pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Cats Get Poised By Rats?

There is a myth that rats that eat the poisoned bait will poison the cat if it eats that rat. The myth is false because it will take a lot of poison to harm the cat fatally.

Can Humans Get Rabies From A Mouse?

There are no cases of humans getting rabies from a mouse. Even though mice carry rabies, the chances of humans contracting the disease are meager and almost impossible.

When A Cat Has Rabies, What Symptoms Often Appear First?

The rapid progression of symptoms may include limb weakness or paralysis, convulsions, respiratory distress, difficulty swallowing, and excessive salivation.

Changes in behavior may be as strong as fury or as subtle as depression or unconsciousness. Changes in behavior may also occur simultaneously.


Rabies is a fatal disease that is harmful to all animals and humans. However, with the help of science, vaccinations have come a long way, and they are doing a good job of preventing rabies. This disease is not entirely curable, so you must ensure that your pets get regular rabies shots.

A common question amongst cat owners is can cats can get rabies from a mouse, and even though the chances are low, there are some possibilities.

So it is your responsibility to rush your pet to the vet if it starts showing symptoms of rabies. Never delay when your pets are not at their best.

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